I Love You Mao Mao

2014-03-06 22:38:21 by DarqV



Hope you guys enjoyed the teaser for "I Love You Mao Mao!" I'll do my best to bring you the full short as soon as possible.

RE: Guards 2. I've got a working radioplay, but I postponed everything to work on Mao Mao!


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2014-03-06 22:53:26

Nice! I loved it, and I'm excited to see the full short!


2014-03-07 08:59:08

Can't wait to see the first episode! Loved your "Rick Mann vs Boss Man" and "Dr. Mario with Lyrics" videos. Good luck with this dude!


2014-03-07 10:33:15

so solid. can't wait.


2014-03-07 10:44:55

MAN! I can't wait! Hey man, if you ever need a voice actor, just you tell. I'm on it.


2014-03-28 01:54:09

This would be a awesome serious , cant wait to see the full potential.


2014-10-14 19:32:26

When is Mao Mao! coming out?! I really wanna see a full episode


2015-03-03 15:14:51

Just saw the teaser and absolutely loved it. Very hyped to see the whole thing.


2015-12-16 22:35:19

Is this still happening? Would really like to see more of this.

DarqV responds:

Definitely still moving forward. Will hopefully have big news this year. Thanks for your patience.