Entry #11

What have I been up to?

2017-04-25 22:53:02 by DarqV

Hey errbody!

Just checking in to give a quick update. I uploaded a super short cartoon called "Fruity" that uh... you may or may not like. But hey, I've been doing some cool stuff.

For the last year I've been boarding/writing on OK KO: Let's Be Heroes for Cartoon Network. There's some shorts on youtube you can watch right now. I boarded "Crates and Barrels" and "Rad Cries"

I've also got some nice secrety type stuff in the works too, stuff that isn't for the internet (booooo), but stuff that you'll hopefully like just the same.

Anyway, I hope I'll have more time to upload some quick and stupid stuff here, and sorry it's been so long. Remember, we gonna last forever. We gonna last forever... EVERYBODY. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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