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50 animators never worked on something so perfect... SO RIGHT!

And is that Lucky Bajiljapops I hear? Damn, it's great to hear him again. RIP, Lucky!

Exactly the kind of content Newgrounds needs. Welcome aboard, Carlooooooooyeaaaaah!!

Mikecarloooyeah responds:

AWWWW SHIET! Thanks man, I just wish I knew how to get a not shitty quality version up there.

DC are crazy if they don't immediately revamp Batman to match this cartoon. The New 69! Seriously, this is the most important Batman piece since The Dark Knight Returns. Our children will be talking about this is future times.

Somebody Looooves SMRPG

And it really shines through in this short. Buuut this is a review, so I'll give you a brief critique. I'd like to see some more thought put into the boarding/layout, there are brief moments where we get beautiful transitions and well thought-out timing, and then we get gonzo shots of Mario with strange proportions running through the forest. Sometimes it's helpful to take a step back and rethink a shot (even if you spent a lot of time to make it). Aside from that, I didn't dig the music at all. The lyrics felt crammed in and the vocals were a bit grating. I think higher production values on the song ALONE would've made this a near perfect piece of work. But enough of my useless bullshit, we're here to celebrate you, man! CELEBRATE!!! Congrats on finishing College, and when you have a demo reel and are looking for work at a studio, PM me.

Exceptionally well animated...

Even if it's based on a joke that's older than your great grandmother. That's it really, keep doing what you're doing and if I had to suggest a change ANYWHERE, I'd say get better voice actors and someone who can write.

Or you could just get a job at a studio, which you most likely already have (if not, message me).

Half Done

This is, as I've said in a review of another film, an Animatic, not a finished product. In order to get a short that REALLY shines, you'd need to take each of these scenes that you've roughly planned out and fully develop each one. As much effort as you've put into making this, you should put an equal amount into each individual scene.

Otherwise it's very thoughtfully done and has potential.

Comick responds:

Well an animatic implies this was made for some larger project I'm going to do...and it's not. Haha maybe you didn't read the part about me making it while sleep deprived at 3am? So it's really meant to be taken for what it is...a fever dream fueled by a looping endless song and an idea that wouldn't go away until I spilled it out as a bunch of scribbled stick figures with boxes for heads.


Some really nice/subtle blending of puppetry with traditional animation. If I gotta criticize, I'd say the interrogator could use some better acting, and there's a good number of frames with Seymour's mustache missing.

Otherwise, congratulations on a job well done!


I love the idea of faithfully recreating a childhood dream. I can only imagine a little kid you howling with approval after watching this! "WHOA WHOA WHOA!! TORPEDOOOOOOOES!"

ryno720 responds:

Thanks dude! I got a whole box of kid drawings. Depending on how well this does here we may see some more. ^_^

Harmoniously Superb!

This is one of the most technically impressive AND entertaining pieces of Flash animation I've ever seen. The puppeted aspects and traditionally animated bits meshed very well together. I love that even though you recreated a series of sounds with miniature machines, you've given each of them a unique character.

Fantastic all the way around!

Wooonderful Concept

I really liked the pacing of just about everything. That being said, this works more like an animatic than the finished product. It'd be nice to see it fleshed out with more solid drawing and some actual animation as opposed to sliding graphics (which really did their job well here).

So, bottom line for me: I love the concept, but a more professional execution would've made this a smash hit!

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